мода, бренды, дизайн и стиль жизни Северных стран
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About nordicitron

 nordicitron is a website devoted to the world of fashion and brands, design, trends and lifestyle in the Nordic countries*.

The site is inspired by the fashion and design contrasts between Russian and Nordic women. While most Russian women tend to choose a feminine and sexy look of high-heeled shoes and tight dresses or short skirts, Nordic women prefer more minimalistic clothes, achieving a casual, yet stylish and highly fashionable look.

At nordicitron, we believe the perfect modern balance combines the classic Russian style with the more relaxed Nordic style, which often plays on a contrast between the masculine and the feminine, and mixes soft materials with rough details.

The Nordic style, however, also varies from one country to the next. Danish designers excel at creating individual street-style and bohemian looks. Swedes like to experiment with silhouettes and graphics. Norwegian designs often involve traditional knitted pieces and casual clothes with an elegant twist. Icelandic designers find inspiration in their country’s unique location and landscape, as do Finnish designers — in natural materials and the local flora and fauna. And a common trait of Nordic designers is an ambition for environmentally and socially aware production processes.

“I would like to introduce Russian-speaking fashion-interested readers, both women and men, to Nordic brands and fashion trends — both luxury items and budget-friendly alternatives — and to the functional and aestethic Scandinavian design”

- Svetlana Johansen, founder, nordicitron.com

The nordicitron.com website is founded and edited by Svetlana Johansen, Russian-born Management and Public Relations graduate and connoisseur of all things Nordic. When she isn’t writing or researching the next fashion trends, Svetlana is exploring Copenhagen, where she moved in February 2013. Before moving to Denmark, Svetlana worked as an adviser on Russian-Nordic cooperation at the Nordic Council of Ministers office in St. Petersburg, as well as a journalist and PR manager in both academia and in the business sector.


*) Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland Islands